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1. Introduction

Access to the pages of montaldoengineering.com website, involves for the user the acceptance of the following use conditions, modifiable by the Webmaster (Arch. Marco M. Piras)  at any time and without warning, accordingly to his unquestionable  discretion. The use of the website, after possible modifications, will  be considered as an unconditioned adhesion to the changes occurred in  the website.

2. Copyright
© 2020 Montaldo Engineerine S.r.l.

The published contents in this website (montaldoengineering.com property of Montaldo Engineering S.r.l.),  where not differently and explicitly shown, are protected by the  current normative in matter of copyright tutelage indicated inside law  n°. 633/1941 with related next modifications and integrations, and they  cannot be repeated in other website, mailing list, newsletter, blog,  forum, social network, paper magazines, dvd and cd rom or other not  cited supports, but previously authorised by the owner of the website Montaldo Engineering S.r.l. (email: segreteria@montaldoengineering.com),  whatever the hints of use. The authorization must be required by  electronic mail and can be considered accepted only after following an  explicit written authorisation of the owner of the rights, Montaldo Engineering S.r.l. The absence of reply from Montaldo Engineering S.r.l. cannot be accepted as tacit authorisation by the user. Reproduction,  hire, loan, and the diffusion without the authorisation of the owner of  the website is strictly forbidden whether not differently specified as  in the cases described above. Juridical procedures are applied for the  violations of the art. 171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of the  law n°. 633/1941. The Rights concerning the texts, photographs,  trademarks, drawings, and signed belong to the respective authors. The  website montaldoengineering.com  does not authorises links to this website either by means of cd framing  (between the frames of the website showing the links) or "deep linking"  (links towards internal pages of the website). Citations are allowed  and only when accompanied either by the source montaldoengineering.com or the name of the author upon dealing with tests. Cooperation with other websites is encouraged. Please contact the owner Montaldo Engineering S.r.l. at the email: segreteria@montaldoengineering.com. Copy and/or are exclusively allowed for private use.

3. Trademarks

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

4. Privacy Policy

Information  contained in this website can be used in respect of the law 675/96  (normative of privacy) and related enhancement. Not authorised  divulgation of information will be punishable in compliance with law  675/96.

5. Exonerate and Responsibility Limitations

The Webmaster (Arch. Marco M. Piras) has no responsibility either for possible malfunctions of the website montaldoengineering.com  or for the subjects contained in other websites reachable from links  contained in this website. The Webmaster performs every reasonable  effort to assure that the subjects in this website are carefully  analysed, elaborated, and shortly updated. In spite of an accurate  revision, mistakes are possible. Any responsibility is anyway declined  for either possible mistakes or omissions present in the website. The  owner of montaldoengineering.com  website has no responsibility either for the published content or for  the use performed by users. Furthermore, the owner has no responsibility  for contaminations deriving on accessing, interconnecting, and  downloading materials and programs from this website. The Webmaster will  therefore be not either responsible for damages, losses, prejudices of  any kind because of the contact with this website, or for the use of the  published subjects and softwares.

6. Place of Jurisdiction

For every possible quarrel, arising from using this website, between users and either the Registrant of this website (Montaldo Engineering S.r.l.)  or other people who have collaborated, collaborate or will collaborate  at the realisation and the management of this website, the user is due  to accept the Italian jurisdiction and the application of the Italian  law at the moment of the quarrel. All controversies are exclusively  competence of the "Foro di Genova", Italy.

7. Law n°. 62, 07/03/2001

This website montaldoengineering.com is not an editorial product.

8. Registrant, Webmaster, Hosting

  • Registrant: Montaldo Engineering S.r.l., Genova, Italy
     email: segreteria@montaldoengineering.com

  • Webmaster: Arch. Marco M. Piras, Genova, Italy
     email: info@marco-m-piras.it

  • Hosting: REGISTER-MNT (www.register.it), Florence, Italy

Structural & Geotechnical
  Terminal Traghetti
     Piazzale dei Traghetti
     Iqbal Masih, 13 (2nd Floor)
    16126 Genova (GE) - Italy
 phone: (+39) 010 594 397
 fax: (+39) 010 601 2654
 email: segreteria@montaldoengineering.com
  website: www.montaldoengineering.com
 P. IVA (VAT): 01910270998

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